In another team-up with our great buddies at Motiv Creative, we helped capture Rachel Leigh Cook slamming the war on drugs in this re-make of the classic “This is Your Brain on Drugs” ad which has racked up more than 7 Million views to date.
The video got some great buzz during it’s launch on 4/20 in bringing more attention to the racial injustice within our national prison systems. We’re always happy to support such meaningful content and glad there are so many artists and creative minds willing to shine a collective light on what needs changing.

Client: Drug Policy Alliance
Creative Agency: Green Point Creative + Hobo Audio
Creative Director: Howard Bowler 
Production Co: Motiv Creative + The Shed

Director Ryan Kleier

Director of Photography: Matty McClain

Gaffer: Andreas Roalsvig

1st Assistant Camera: Matt Donovan

Sound: Chris Viall
Makeup/Hair: Abby Hayden

Production Assistant: Josh Lee/Spencer Shafter
Animation/Post Production: Edit 1
Producers: Dan Fuerst + Diane Boston
Animation Creative Director: Michael Zimbard
Illustrator: Kevin Kobasic
2D Animation: Erica Jaffin + Matt Trudell
Music/Audio Post: HOBO Audio, New York
Mix/Sound Design: Chris Stangroom/Diego Jimenez Music: Oscar Convers/Julian Angel
Social Media Consultant: Lawrence Lac

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