We've really gotten to know and love so many new friends and products at OXO. All of their products are carefully designed for comfort and efficiency, and we can bet you already have one or two around the house. The volume of video content we are creating together is massive: we average 2-3 product videos per production day and are on a path to deliver more than 350 videos in less than two years' time. Such an undertaking can only be done with a terrific group of clients & and an outstanding crew. Plus good food, music & a lot of laughs on set!

Director: Matt Donovan
Director of Photography: Matty McClain

Production Manager: Dana Inglehart

Producer: Chris Gaida
Associate Producer: Tom McDonald
First ADs: Jeff Nash, Eddie Hellman, Delavega
First AC: Andreas Roalsvig
Gaffers: Gulab Singh, Eric Hora, Cory Dahn, Stefan Skripak
Art Leads: Andy Aidekman, Jenny Messer, Megan Soh, Dylan Pettengill, Dave Brenneman
Food Stylist: Kate Schmidt, Laura Kinsey Dolph
Food Stylist Assistants.: Erika Joyce, Catherine Yoo
Production Assistants: James Cross, Brick Shoemaker, Daniel Goodwin
Talent: Sophia Feliciano, Leah Kraehling
Editors: Ken Larkin, Nathaniel Cunningham, Mauricio Soto, Brett McCarthy
Client: OXO

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